Sunday, June 24, 2012

A lil' word on all this

We're doing this because Google Street View doesn't have a direct contact (that we could find) to address this. We've seen street view cars recently, but no change. I've sent complaint emails in the past, but really I'm not surprised that there wasn't a response. I would just be one person. A visual demonstration gets the idea across much better... and it's kind of fun.

So please chip in! This problem is city-wide and we'd love to be able to remove our own selective bias! Residences are OK... great even! The closer to the angle from the GSV shot the better, but it doesn't have to be.

We're not receiving anything for this, and once things are updated, we're done (though this will stay up for posterity's sake). Comments and suggestions are appreciated as well.

Most importantly, SHARE! SPREAD THE WORD! The whole point is to grab the attention of the all-seeing Google eye. Any way you can is great, though google devs are known to hang out on Google+.

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