Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ghosts of Demolition: LSU-VA Hospital Footprint (Part 1)

If you use Google Street View on the outskirts of the LSU-VA construction site, you can still see the houses that were demolished to make way for the future hospital complex. Here's the view from Palmyra and Rocheblave as seen on Street View and in person.

Google image date: September 2007. Street View screenshot taken 7/2/2012.
Photo taken 7/2/2012.

Further reading about the demolitions for the LSU-VA Hospital Complex:
1. "Plans for LSU-VA hospital complex stir resentment" - Times-Picayune, February 23, 2008
2. "LSU and VA to build joint medical campus in downtown New Orleans; VA expected to open by 2013" - Times-Picayune, November 25, 2008
3. "LSU/VA Hospital Proposal: Too Big to Fail?" - Urban Conservancy, March 2, 2010
4. "The Cost of Progress? Razing entire blocks for a massive hospital complex in New Orleans divided residents and decimated parts of a historic neighborhood" - Preservation Magazine, May/June 2011
5. "Transplanted medplex houses in need of life support" - The Lens, February 11, 2011
6. "Blight worsened by housing preservation program, Hoffman Triangle residents say" - The Lens, August 2, 2011

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